The word `post-modern' covers a diffuse range of concerns, whether or not one ultimately supports their final analysis.  But some basic threads seem to be:

  1. Rejection of a universal notion of truth, and a rejection of metaphysics.  Truth is relative, often seen as culturally derived.  Language is not a direct reflection of reality out there.
  2. Rejection of a unifying view of history and modern view of progress.  One cannot grasp the whole, only a particularperspective.
  3. Rejection of the notion of a centred self, and self as a metaphysical subject behind our thoughts and feelings.  Whatever self is, it is a part of community and traditions. 

In sum, a loss of confidence in the inherited order of things.  But postmodern is not simply disillusionment with what was trustworthy.  There are also glimmers of new, perhaps at times even more solid formulations.

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