Welcome to the September 12, 2001 issue of this experimental Peace&Justice action email!  To stop getting these emails, follow the “Unsubscribe” steps at the end, where your profile is listed. 


After yesterday’s horrific deaths due to terrorist action, this email endeavour would be remiss if it remained silent.  Remembering that these emails are simply a forum for action and not in-depth analysis and discussion (needed as they are and available elsewhere), the following actions are given for your consideration:

1.      We can stand with our local Muslim or Arab community.  You may already be aware of some of the backlash towards them.  High emotions easily result from absorbing such a traumatic event and scenes of suffering,, but to direct it towards innocent people, only mirrors and magnifies the tragedy and further diminishes us all and our hope for a more humane world.   Call or visit such communities, be visible with them, write letters to the editor, be vocal on talk-back radio or TV lines, check out and respond to internet newsgroups, be vocal in conversations, etc.  Become the positive balance for a decent world.

2.      We can help bring a broader, more solid perspective into the overall dynamics, again using all the channels listed above. 
(a) EMPATHY:  Even as a Canadian, the sight of the massive towers collapsing, the loss of life, the vulnerability of even the Pentagon, was traumatic and jolting.  And yet I had a hard time saying that “this email would be remiss” unless it is thus always remiss - violent deaths of innocent people occur daily around this planet.  I am generally so insolated from all the suffering and violence . . . but at least here is an opening for empathy.  We can try to channel the reaction to one of empathy and understanding for all those who are innocent yet traumatized for whatever reason, not latching on to any one given party as some Middle East groups vie for our hearts (though definitely seeing even there with sharpened senses the tragedies of all the innocent people involved).  We have a gut-wrenching glimmer of what some people constantly face.  Let’s use it to build bridges and understanding and action.

(b) ROOT CAUSES: While nothing could possibly justify the abhorrent terrorist acts,  and terrorists need to be stopped, there are nonetheless root causes for the violence in this world.  We can add our voices to those who suggest the only long-term way out of the spiral of violence, fear and hate is a more just sharing of the world’s resources including issues of power.



One of the early UWAA emails mentioned the HungerSite, a web site where, by simply visiting the site once per day, you thereby donate a small portion of food to feed the world..  It then disappeared a little while ago.  But good news -  The Hunger Site is back online.  The URL is:


They hope that people will come back and return to the previous level of giving.  Historically, visitors to The Hunger Site generated over 4 million cups of staple food a month.  They ask to please take a minute and forward this email on to your friends and family, asking them to participate in this fast, free and easy effort to end starvation. 

REMEMBER: unless you make it your Home Page, you will likely forget to click it very often.  It is only a tiny help, especially with Tuesday as a backdrop, yet one must remain steadfast – it is still food in someone’s mouth.


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UWAA:  This endeavour is being placed under the overall rubric of “Until Well-being is Achieved for All.”


Volunteers Needed:  If you can provide one hour per week or so, tracking down concrete actions to help strengthen this effort, please reply to this email with the Subject Line: “UWAA: Edit” and place any comments in the body.  Diverse perspectives especially welcome.


Rod Downing


Surrey BC Canada

(604) 535-6550


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