Welcome to the Tuesday, March 22, 2005 issue of this Peace&Justice action email!

This email contains two actions: to end the killings in Darfur Sudan, and secondly an environmental action to urge Kimberly-Clark to adopt more environmentally appropriate practices and actions.



We might finally be near the tipping-point regarding action that will stop the atrocities being committed in Darfur, Sudan. You may remember UWAA emails urging action last fall. It was hoped that the UN Security Council would finally take the action that it had threatened earlier. But it still hasn't happened, in no small part because members like China (who have a 40% stake in Sudan oil) and Russia (who supplies much of the arms to Sudan) threatened to veto any sanctions. And while the US has called the Darfur situation genocide, the "heinous crimes" continue.

But pressure from many sides is mounting. You can join the new impetus.

A.  US Citizens:

Citizens For Global Solutions have two US-based actions using the link below: (a) emails to Congress about using UN Security Council status to urge action on Dafur; and (b) an email to Secretary of State Rice to urge criminal prosecutions at the ICC. Please note as well that a bill - the Darfur Accountability Act - has been introduced into the Senate, calling on sanctions, a no-fly zone and more aid for peacekeepers:

B.  Citizens of Canada and other countries: You can email your appropriate government official with the following simple email:

"Please do everything in your power to stop the killing in Darfur. The UN International Commission of Inquiry into Darfur found that "heinous" crimes against humanity have been committed. I find it an affront to any basic sense of humanity that such acts should be allowed to continue. Please find ways to ensure that on your watch, another humanity-degrading blight like Rwanda does not continue to unfold. Please find ways to force the tipping-point."

For Canadian citizens, the person is:
  Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew
    Email address: (email: Pettigrew.P@parl.gc.ca)
    Salutation: The Honourable Pierre Pettigrew
    Or Write: House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6.



Kimberly-Clark, maker of Kleenex, is the largest tissue producer company in the world. But their products lag behind others in their recycled content - their Kleenex brand facial tissues are even advertised as containing 100% virgin fiber, making it softer to use (I can't say I ever noticed!) These virgin fibers come from ancient boreal forests in Canada. So if you feel that you would prefer a company that is more environmentally responsible, then you can send an editable email below. And if you do act and get a response from them, check the link below for an analysis of the form letter that the company sends.

Take Action:

More information:

Greenpeace's Dismal Analysis of Company's Response:

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UWAA: This endeavour is being placed under the overall rubric of "Until Well-being is Achieved for All."

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