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This email contains an action request regarding the terrible humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan. I had also wanted to have a second item, having recently watched another “Year End Review of important stories.” In it I had hoped to highlight the “off the mainstream media radar” stories, but time has not permitted this. So I will simply say that they exist – from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where up to three million people have been killed and millions more displaced in the last 8 years; to Nepal, with horrible human rights violations due to the combination of a reignited Maoist insurgency, and the king who took over power, dismissed the government, and banned news coverage.




While it is heart-wrenching to be requesting, yet once again, your action on behalf of those targeted in Darfur, it is simply reality – the need remains desperate. While many of the most blatant horrors have subsided somewhat – primarily because 90% of the villages have been ravaged now – atrocities are still committed. And while heroic efforts are being made by a few people, some of the most elementary actions, such as no-fly zones, freezing assets, etc, have not been undertaken internationally, let alone granting the African Union peacekeepers with a mandate beyond “observer” status.

Worse, the dynamics are unraveling – the conflict has stirred up similar sentiments in eastern Sudan, plus war is simmering on the Darfur-Chad border, hampering or causing withdrawal of what little positive action has been in place. Below you have the opportunity, from Human Rights First, to request the appointment of a prominent envoy to re-energize the process. Secondly, for US and Canadian citizens, there is a second action available.



US citizens can call on President Bush to introduce a resolution at the United Nations Security Council for a multinational humanitarian intervention in Darfur to protect civilians. Please note that next month the US takes over as chair of the UN Security Council.


Canada is in the midst of a federal election campaign. You can go to the following site and send an email to the federal leaders and to your local candidates, joining others in the “Make Poverty History” campaign, which addresses both poverty within Canada and around the world.


Brief Overview of Current Darfur Status:

Read / Watch Daily Entries of 21 Day Journey in Darfur:

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