Welcome to the Friday, June 30, 2006 issue of this Peace&Justice action email!

This email has two actions. First it again focuses on Darfur. While the news has reported a peace deal (fragile and compromised as it was), the on-ground reality has not changed much. Pressure must maintained. Secondly, at the other end of global dynamics, is a section that looks at one step in changing our regular habits - we focus on the lowly light bulb.




The US has had two top level negotiators involved in the Darfur crisis. However both have left their posts. At Human Rights First, you can send a quick clickable email to request U.S. President Bush to urgently fill the posts, thereby affirming the symbolic, if not also real, high profile that Darfur has become. On a broader agenda, HRF also strongly pushes the UN for a high profile Special Envoy.

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If you are Canadian and have extra time (you will need to create your own email from their suggested points), you can also use an Amnesty International action to call on the Canadian government to bolster various aspects of a multi-faceted action plan regarding Darfur."

Canadian Action:



These emails, on occasion, highlight ways we can change our habits for the better. The nice thing about changing habits is that generally they don't require any extra effort - rather than reach for a {worse impact} product, we simply reach for a better one. Fair trade coffee has been highlighted in the past, as it slowly makes its way into the mainstream.

Today we highlight the humble light bulb. The new alternative compact fluorescent bulbs are on most store shelves. Their effect is significant - they last 15 times longer and use one-quarter the energy (which also makes them cheaper to buy over their life-cycle): if every {U.S.} household replaced one old incandescent light bulb with a new fluorescent one, it would be the same as taking 3,500,000 cars off the road!

I bought my first fluorescent bulb over 20 years ago - it was big and ugly . . .and is still running. But the new bulbs are great - major improvements even over the past year or two - they now can have the same shape & give off the same warm colours as the incandescent bulbs (they even have dimmer bulbs now, though only if your dimmer has a slider bar, not the rotating type).

Cheaper, better impact, same aesthetics - why not take the pledge below to change some of your bulbs if you haven't already? Of course you can simply go out and buy them, but adding your name to the pledge also becomes a tool for those advocating change and sends a signal to society and industry.

Take the Pledge (and links to web discounts)


There are many other actions we can take to reduce our environmental impact or advocate for change; Here are a few other resources to look at:

Global warming, healthy oceans, healthy food and farm policies:

Energy Independence Overview:

Responsible Shopper, Green Living, Climate Change, Fair Trade, Sweatshops:

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