Welcome to the Tuesday, October 31, 2006 issue of this Peace&Justice action email!

This email highlights the broadening violence related to Darfur and gives two actions - one to continue political pressure; the other to encourage better media coverage of Darfur. As well there is an action everyone can take to get Canada to support a ban on ocean bottom trawling.




Today the NY Times reported horrendous actions in Chad similar to Darfur: Arab men on horseback rode into a Chadian village yelling racial slurs, shot as many people as possible, burned the village, and likely raped some women. And while Sudanese-backed violence has spilled over into Chad since the beginning of the year (and has recently occurred in neighbouring Central African Republic), the ominous sign of this recent attack is that the attackers were local Chadian Arabs. Thus not only the violence but the racial undertones are spreading."

On the potentially more promising front, the rhetoric for action is also increasing: today both Britain and US President Bush issued warnings to Sudan to end the conflict and that the US is working with others to come up with plan to address the Darfur conflict. Of course for those who have been following this issue in this email or elsewhere, we've been here before - the right words, small step of action, but never enough to turn the tide.

Nonetheless thank you to those who have been exerting pressure in whatever country you reside; the leaders are feeling the pressure to act. The following are two steps to help bring about the tipping point, and by that I mean some set of a firm, fast, ratcheted strategy that will coax Sudan to stop the violence:

- No-fly zone;
- Freezing of assets & travel bans on key officials;
- Economic sanctions, particularly relating to its oil production, which provides most of the funds to fuel the violence; a blockade of oil exports should not be ruled out;

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Secondly, you can tell the US news networks (letter will be sent to all the major ones) to provide fuller coverage of Darfur. The link provides pathetic statistics on the ratio of coverage to various issues. That said, the media can be a powerful tool and there are many good reporters wanting to see more depth:

Tell the media to increase coverage of Darfur:



Previous UWAA emails have supported a ban on deep sea bottom trawling, where heavy lines and equipment scrape along the bottom of the ocean's floor, leaving a devastating path. It has been likened to bulldozing the ocean's floor. It is done to ensure fewer fish escape their giant nets. Canada is one of the countries refusing to support such a ban. Canada doesn't have a deep sea ocean-going bottom trawler fleet, but it does allow such practices in its domestic waters and fears it might lose up to $500 million. Canada has proposed an alternative solution, which many find unworkable.

Take Action:


a. World fish stock face grim future:

b. World expert urges Canada to support ban; Minister largely agrees:

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