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One of the actions - regarding Darfur - needs immediate response.  The second action is to support Africa Action and Jubilee's call to cancel Liberia's debt.



DARFUR - IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED  [Revised Monday January 22, 2007]

The only peacekeepers in Darfur, Sudan, are the African Union troops.  At the end of January, the African Union decides its new chair, and it may appoint Sudan.  This could be devastating for the Darfuri people, who have suffered threee years of horrific violence due to the government of Sudan.

IMMEDIATE action is needed to try to pressure the African Union to not appoint Sudan.  Citizens of any country can write to US Secretary of State Rice using the link below.  As well, for Canadians, an email can be created using the short sample below, to Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay.

1. Write US Secretary of State Rice:
    Write to Secretary of State Rice

2. Write Canadian Foreign Affiars Minister Peter MacKay:
   Email Peter MacKay

===  Sample Text  ===:
Dear Foreign Affairs Minister MacKay:
As you know the African Union troops are the only peacekeepers in Darfur.  I am deeply fearful for the Darfuri people if Sudan is elected chair of the African Union at the end of January  Please do everything in your power to pursuade the African Union members NOT to appoint Sudan as its next chair.




It has been one year since Liberia elected its first female president.  This weekend marks the seven year anniversary of the Jubilee campaign to erase the debt of the most impoverished nations.   The Jubilee campaign is now urging people to write their government to allow Liberia to emerge from its long legacy of political abuse and crushing debt.

Take action (Background is at end of web page):

Citizens of non-US countries will need to contact their own government.

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