Welcome to the Wednesday, February 28, 2007 issue of this Peace&Justice action email!

This email contains two success stories regarding Darfur, as well as further action. Plus there is a request to have Nike and Adidas maintain their commitment to fair practices.




THANK YOU to all who acted to try to prevent Sudan from chairing the African Union - it worked!! For an absolutely unprecedented second time in a row Sudan has been denied the AU chair.

Plus just yesterday, the International Criminal Court (ICC) named two Sudanese for crimes against humanity (with more to come likely). Despite our primitive structuring where the ICC has no power to actually detain them - they must wait for Sudan to hand them over, which it has refused - this is a significant event.

Everyone: Tell US White House to Implement "Plan B" for Darfur; Info && Action:
    Write to White House

U.S.-Only Action:
The Genocide Intervention Network has set up a special phone line to call your representative. You just need your zip-code. Talking points are available n the website:

Australia Action: Tell Government to take action:
    Write to Government

Canada Action:
The European Union recently passed a resolution demanding that body take concrete steps to end the crisis in Darfur and move toward implementing the prescriptions called for by UN resolutions. In the United States President Bush has appointed a special envoy for Darfur.

In Canada, there is nothing to report. While we have provided good humanitarian and AU support, we have failed to take the bold middle-power initiative that we are adept at. While we helped initiate "The Responsibility to Protect" resolution passed by the UN, we now seem voiceless on it.

What to do? Use the MP Lookup below, and the above and below points and email your MP. Don't let Darfur slip from the government's agenda.

* Canada can send 12-18 of our CF-18 aircraft to patrol a badly needed no-fly zone

* Canada can significantly increase its aid dollars to help a struggling international aid movement keep 3 million displaced persons alive

* Canada can initiate a working group of foreign minister to being gaining international commitments to implement UN resolutions and put a proper robust-protection force on the ground

MP Lookup:




Don't let Nike and Adidas cut and run from BJ&B! This factory was the first unionized garment facility in the free trade zones of the Dominican Republic. In 2003, the workers won their hard-fought struggle for union representation and higher wages, an unprecedented victory. Unfortunately, since the establishment of the union, brands like Nike and Adidas have been attempting to systematically erode these gains by decreasing orders, rather than committing to workers' rights. On February 22, the majority of the workforce was laid off and the factory announced its closure. This closure is a direct result of the business practices of Nike and Adidas and is being portrayed, not as a decent business move, but an under-handed way of extricating themselves from such fair practices. While at the time of this email I could not independently confirm this, I feel it better to fall on the side of the disenfranchised. If you agree, you can take the action below:

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