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This email contains a hopeful new initiative for strengthening the UN capabilities, a petition to stop the brutality in Zimbabwe, and more actions regarding Dafur.




While various forms of a UN Rapid Reaction Force have been discussed for some time, two U.S. Representatives (a Democrat and Republican) have introduced a bill [Resolution 213] in support of the creation of the UN Emergency Peace Service (UNEPS). The UNEPS would complement other UN agencies by being able to have "First in, first out" rapid capabilities to address a humanitarian crisis before it got out of hand. UNEPS would employ about 15,000 people with a wide range of skills, including civilian police, military, judicial experts and relief professionals. The US bill was introduced on the basis that it is in everyone's self-interest to quickly address such situations. For more information and status, see background, below. For US citizens, please consider contacting your representative to support the bill.

US action: Contact your representative: Ask to speak or leave a voicemail for the Foreign Policy Advisor of your U.S. representative. It is advisable to call more than once.

Sample Script:
Hello, my name is [your name] and I live in [your hometown]. I'm calling because I want your U.S. representative to co-sponsor House Resolution 213, which calls for the United States to support a United Nations Emergency Peace Service, or UNEPS. UNEPS would have first-in / first-out capabilities, designed to supplement the U.N.'s capacity to provide stability, peace, and relief in deadly emergencies.
Please let your U.S. representative know I will be keeping track of [his/her] stance on the issue. Thank you for your time.

Background to UN Emergency Peace Services:
    UNEPS Background




The recent, blatant and brutal attacks on Mugabe's democratic opposition leaders were shocking. You can sign a petition below that to urge that Zimbabwe's two main trading partners, South Africa and the European Union, adopt and enforce tougher sanctions targeting Mugabe and his top aides.

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Over two years ago when people were toying with the idea of divestment campaigns I remember thinking how odd it seemed to be considering of the type of long-term tactics that helped end apartheid in South Africa. I never thought the Darfur tragedy would not only last this long, but would continue to unravel, infecting neighbouring Chad and the Central African Republic. But with the badly needed UN troops still in limbo, all other forms of pressure must be applied. Here are some opportunities:

U.S. General site:

U.S. Divestment Action:

  - Call 1-800-GENOCIDE (1-800-436-6243)
  - Enter in your five-digit zip code
  - Choose to be connected to your senator's office
  - Ask your senator to co-sponsor S.831, the Sudan Divestment Authorization Act

Give feedback to:

United Kingdom Divestment site:

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