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The main focus of this email is Darfur, given that the next Global Day for Darfur is April 29.  But also included is an appeal to the Asia Development Bank to fund more clean-energy solutions and the consequences of not doing so.




Firstly I have finally prepared a fuller article on the history, analysis and strategy for Darfur. It is a complex situation and this article peels back one layer (there are many more) but it gets beyond the typical scripts and hopefully provides sound anchoring for solid goals to end the Darfur crisis. At the end are the goals that you can use to petition your government.

Darfur History, Analysis and Strategy:


This worldwide set of rallies occurs April 22-29, with the main day being April 29. Check the website below to see if your city has an event planned.
  - Find US city: http://www.savedarfur.org/page/content/globaldays/
  - 40 other countries: http://www.globefordarfur.org/events.html

If nothing is planned, consider creating an event. While time is tight, the event can be simple (a vigil with readings, having a movie on genocide, Rwanda, etc. Have it at a church or community hall. It IS important to have as many cities as possible, because it will signal to players such as China that this IS a global concern, & my background article indicates why that makes them much more likely to pressure Sudan. So if you create an event, be sure to add it at:

If you belong to a religious group (Christian, Jewish, Muslim), there are resources to help.  Check out:
   Faith Resources



President Bush has said he will implement Plan 'B' (involving sanctions, etc) if Sudan's President Bashir does not end the crisis in Darfur. The original deadline was January. It mustn't slip further. (See back ground article above, for some reasons why the US may be letting it slip). As well, next month the US assumes the presidency of the UN Security Council. This is no time to back down.

Send message to Bush (Open to all countries; use 99999 as zip code):
    Send message to President Bush


3. US-Only Action to Urge China to Push for AU-UN force for Darfur:
    Send message to Congress




Greenpeace has an action to tell the Asian Development Bank to more fully fund clean technology. Last week the Financial Times wrote an article indicating how coal-fired plants in China (and India and many developing nations) are creating very ominous signs, both in China and as far away as the US. Typical coal burning produces mercury among other pollutants, which affects our nervous system. This mercury, definitely found in China, also becomes airborne and has been detected in the US. It is imperative to press the big lending institutions to shift to clean technology.

Tell ADB to Accelerate Its Shift to Support Clean Energy Solutions:
    Send message to ADB

Financial Times article:

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